To teach us that nothing we do in game matters

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To teach us that nothing we do in game matters

Сообщение winterfire » 21 янв 2020, 10:53

My character was standing in Winterspring, and a paladin attacked me. He led with HoJ, of course, wow classic gold so for six seconds I just ate it, and died. The paladin promptly bubbled and ran off the guards.

I earned 7k honor last week, and see people with less than half my honor having ranks. I get nothing. I just don't understand how you can screw things up this badly, and then not even say anything about it.

What happened?

One of the fastest ways to disengage your player base is to teach us that nothing we do in game matters. Killing, honor, none of it matters…because it may or may not be taken into account when getting rank.

I have 2 kills today. One I got 200 honor for. The other was a rogue who ran slightly outside of my view range via sprint, then died. I got nothing.

I get it… old game. But it seems pretty clear you test none of this stuff prior to release. You're seeing all over the forums what that does to morale.

In 2005 Blizzard was known for amazing games. In 2019 you're known for seeking out sources of goodwill, and eradicating them as fast as you possibly can. It's almost like the negligence is intentional.

It saddens me, because you are slaying the player base, cheap classic gold and let me be very clear…we are NOT coming back for retail.

Srey Pov
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Re: To teach us that nothing we do in game matters

Сообщение Srey Pov » 21 мар 2020, 10:23


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Re: To teach us that nothing we do in game matters

Сообщение adamschule85 » 13 апр 2020, 05:59

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